Friday, May 31, 2013

My not so secret weapon: Juju Cleanse

Wondering how do I prepare to have the confidence to look like this?

The answer is Juju Cleanse! Wondering why I started drinking Juju Cleasne? Well, being in the industry that I am, I'm exposed to long hours in shoots, going from one casting to the other, filming videos, while balancing my time for family, friends, and of course my man there's one word to sum it all out - STRESS.

You'll notice that I'm stressed out when I tend to grab a bag of chips and eat everything in one sitting. Though I also work out and watch what I eat, I can't help but to take in the not so good stuff for the body ( chips, soda, sweets ).

What do I get when I do this?

- I break out
- I feel sluggish
- I tend to be unproductive

Since I've been on level 1 in Juju Cleanse, I noticed that my skin feels smoother, I've got more energy whenever I work and I feel lighter as well.

All I need to do is to take Juju Cleanse ( Level one ) once a week and I'm energized for the whole week!

Wondering when's the best day to take Juju Cleanse? take it on a day when you don't have to go anywhere, why? because you'll have drink 1 bottle of the Juju Cleanse at a specific time and drink lots of water in between.

Another thing is when you also decide to take on the Juju Cleanse, order it two days before your desired day of cleansing. They'll be delivering it to you the day before your cleanse.

Wanna know more about Juju Cleanse? You may check out their Website  and Facebook Page

Thank you Ms. Kat Azanza for coming up with Juju Cleanse!

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