Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dry skin solution: Physiogel ( Review )

Did you that your skin type can change as you age? I apparently have been suffering from dry and sensitive skin ever since I turned 25 a few months ago. 

I used to have oily to combination skin but it all changed when I hit 25. The products that used to work for me I can't seem to use anymore. Almost everything just didn't work at all. 

The brand the works well for me is Physiogel! 

What's so special about Physiogel? 

It's the only brand that instantly repairs dry skin and keeps it moisturized for a long time. 

I am down with a flu as I am writing this and my skin has been even more dry because of it. Physiogel just cures the dryness in an instant! 

The best part is that it didn't cause any irritation at all! 

Another thing is that it doesn't feel oily as well so I can say that even oily skinned ladies and gents can use this. Why? Because you might want to think consider moisturizing your skin really well to prevent your skin to go crazy on over compensating it's natural oils when you strip it off by using harsh cleansers,exfoliators or medicated moisturizers.

The Physiogel cleanser is so mild as well! It leaves my skin feeling well cleansed without making it dry. The Physiogel cream also works wonders not only for my face but for my elbows,hands and tattoo as well! ( if you have tattoos like me, it's definitely important to moisturize the inked area really well to keep the ink from fading quickly ) 

How would I rate this brand? A 10/10 of course!! Would I repurchase? YES!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

CBeauty Oil Universal Beauty Oil No. 2 Review

I have been into face oils lately as I have dry,combination and sensitive skin and I do breakout once in awhile as well, but I have more dry patches than oiliness. I used to just rely on moisturizers and serums but I feel like it lacks the hydration it needs.

It's not just my face that's dry but my skin all over my body as well. I tried to stay away from face and body oils but that changed when I found CBeauty Universal Beauty Oil.

CBeauty is a brand created by Filipina beauty vlogger Cristina Madara that not only helps men and women ( guys can use CBeauty too! ) with their beauty problems, but she also made sure she promotes our country's abundance of coconuts by creating a Universal Beauty Oil Made from Coconut Oil.

This product works wonders for me and the scent Ylang Ylang really helped me sleep better as I used to only have 3-4 hours of sleep. The texture is so light that the oil is easily absorbed into the skin. It never broke me out and at the same time it helped heal skun inflammation caused by breakouts. I also noticed that my skin began to feel hydrated and this product also helped keep the oiliness at bay.

I also use this product for my body after I put on my lotion and I noticed thst the dry patches with tiny bumps on my arms started to fade.

When I mix brown sugar with this, I can make my own face and body scrub. I also use this for my hair as a hair mousturizer.

A little does goes a long way because you only need one pump for the face/hair and two pumps for the body as a moisturizer or as a body scrub. Since the bottle comes wirh a pump, it not only despenses the right amount if product, but it also is very hygienic.

Will I repurchase this? YES! but after I finished my two other CBeauty Universal Beauty Oil.

You can purchase a bottle of your own at seektheuniq.com

Thank you so much to Cristina Madara for letting me try out your brand ans for creating a wonderful and effective products!

Know more about CBeauty on instagram via @cristinamadara

Monday, July 28, 2014

Organic Vanilla Based Products from A Vanilla Story

Did you know that vanilla has a lot of health and beauty benefits? Vanilla is known to be a natural insect repellant, it helps suppress appetite with it's scent, when used for the skin it has anti inflammatory properties to help reduce redness and skin irritation, when used for the hair it helps make hair soft and smooth. 

Looking for organic vanilla based beauty products can be hard to find as most of the things you'll find in the market are already chemically infused with irritants. 

I'm glad I found a brand that offers organic vanilla based products.

A Vanilla Story (www.avanillastory.com) carries a range of organic vanilla based products from body lotion, hand sanitizer, mosquito repellant and cologne. 

I've been using A Vanilla Story products for 6 months and it took me that long to really road test the products well. 

Aside from the fact the vanilla is a scent from A Vanilla Story that I'm obsessed with, I can attest that it is a scent to help suppress appetite. 

As a mosquito repellant it is indeed safe to use even for kids! 

Since even the mosquito repellant is safe for kids to use their body lotion, hand sanitizer and cologne did not irritate my skin at all.

Having a maximum of 3 ingredients proves that A Vanilla Story is definitely an organic vanilla based products. 

The packaging is sleek and you can carry it around with you in your purse together with the pouch that comes along with it.

I also highly appreciate that A Vanilla Story promotes saving the earth with their Eco Bag! ( love how it comes in my fave color, PINK! )

if you're looking for a great giveaway items for your guest for events, A Vanilla Story products are great both for men,women and kids! 

Thank you to Ms. Andrea for creating www.avanillastory.com and for sharing your wonderful products with me! 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Power Cardio with Sonix Sports Heavy Bag

If you follow me on Instagram @consengcoiyanew, you know that my body fat percentage is down to 17.1%. Aside from taking fitmiss tone and eating well, I highly give credit to my 2ft heavy bag from @sonixsports

I really love boxing and it's hard to hit the gym 5 times a week when you're also studying. I'm glad that I can work on my punches 5 times a week with this heavy bag from @sonixsports. 

What I love about this is not just the quality but the price too! It's such a steal for Php. 600! It's 600 if you buy it at their stores in st. Francis square and Marikina and if you want it delivered,  you'll only add Php. 100 for the shipping fee. Even with the shipping fee, it's still very affordable compared to what you see in malls. 

2ft is already enough for my petite frame. Since I'm only 5'1" I'm still able to practice throwing powerful punches with this heavy bag. 

The size also let's me work on my upper cuts using the base of the heavy bag as well as do some knee kicks as well. 

What's inside the heavy bag? It's sand. Therefore it will help cushion your hands when throwing punches and at the same time it's not too soft compared to a pillow. It also swings back and forth for you to be able to practice on your footwork. 

I highly recommend this heavy bag from @sonixsports and they also have a lot of sizes for you to choose from according to your height and purpose for the heavy bag (boxing/mma). 

Follow @sonixsports on Instagram for more info :) they are also available at olx! 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fitmiss Tone Review: The Key to Fat Reduction for Women

Note: This is a result of taking Fitmiss Tone 2x a day for 1 month

Fitness is something I am so passionate about. While 70% of having abs and muscles and general rely on a healthy diet and the remaining 30% rely on working out, it wouldn't hurt to need a little help from science. 

You might be scared of the thought of science and fat loss as you might equate it as going under the knife for it. Not me! I have Fitmiss Tone to help shed fat.

As you can see, it only has 9 calories and  just incase you are wondering what's in each Fitmiss Tone Soft Gel Capsule? 

Conjugated Linoleic Acid ( CLA )- the key ingredient that helps convert stored fat into energy by increasing the metabolism

And since this product is targeted for women, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Avocado Oil promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails. 

This is my current body fat percentage with the help of Fitmiss Tone. I used to have 19.4% body fat and now I am down to 17.1%! 

How do I take Fitmiss Tone? 1 soft gel capsule during breakfast and 1 soft gel capsule during dinner. ( the label says take one soft gel capsule each meal but I prefer to take it just twice a day )

I'm a migraine person and this product never gave me migraines. I'm also a bit hyperacidic and I never had a problem with hyperacidity which proves how safe this product is! 

NOTE: You still need to workout and have a healthy diet while taking Fitmiss Tone. 

Where to buy Fitmisa Tone? 

Check your nearest GNC branch. For inquiries, follow GNC on Instagram @gncph

Thank you so much GNC for lettinge review and try out Fitmiss Tone! 

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Radio Frequency Treatment at Princess Hazel Salon & Spa

If you're following me on Instagram ( @iyaconsengco ) you've noticed that I'm aiming to achieve the Candice Swanepoel Physique and that I've been working out often as well. I may be petite but believe it or not I still have fats to diminish! While having a healthy diet and a great workout routine helps a lot, let's admit it, not everyone has the patience to lose the fat especially in our midsection. Some slimming creams may help but it will take a lot of time and effort to do so.

What if I tell you that I was able to lose about 2cm in just 30 minutes in my midsection plus I also got a chance to make my skin ( face ) have a healthy glow while making it firm and youthful in just 15 minutes and yes you can achieve it too?! 

Yes I needed help from science and believe me it's not expensive at all! 

Earlier I got a chance to go to Princess Hazel Salon and Spa ( Instagram: @ilovehairph ) and indulged myself in a relaxing radio frequency therapy for my midsection and face.

While other salons only focuses on hair treatments and facial treatments, I was impressed they also have RF Treatmenf for slimming/body contouring! 

The owner Ms. Hazel Uy was actually a cosmetology alumna of the Center for Aesthetics Studies and she expanded her love and passion in the beauty industry by putting up her own salon and spa. 

She wanted a salon and spa that will ensure that her clients gets the royal treatment without spending way too much.  Ms. Hazel indeed made that vision into a reality and to prove just that here's a review on her salon featuring Princess Hazel Salon and Spa's radio frequency treatment. 

What did I like about Princess Hazel Salon and Spa:

1. The interiors are not your typical black and white or all around pink. It's hip, fun and classy at the same time. 

2. If you're a nail art or nail polish junkie, Princess Hazel Salon and Spa has you covered with their wide range of nail polish brands and nail art designs.

3. The staff are definitely friendly and they aren't hard selling when it comes to promoting their services. It means that they value what you WANT and NEED. They also execute the treatments so well and prioritize your comfort. 

4. The place in clean and everything is sanitary. This is indeed a must in the beauty industry! 

5. Affordable price range for their services. To prove that my radio frequency treatment for the face cost Php. 1,000 and Php. 1,500 for the midsection only. Plus they also have some promos!!

6. They have a wide selection of merchandizes too! Perfect for those moments when you forget to buy a gift for the girl/woman in your life.

Now let's proceed to the main topic which is the RF Treatment. I'm pretty sure you've heard a ton of things about this treatment or if you're new to it I'm not going to bombard you with so much technical terms. In a nutshell, the heat from this treatment helps burn fat and sculpt the desired body part in less than an hour. You'll definitely see results after just one treatment! 

If you're wondering, "can I just forget about working out and dieting when I go through this treatment?"  Ms. Hazel actually encourages her client to workout and have a healthy diet to ensure that the effects will be prolonged. Yes, science gives the body a boost but if you want to have muscles and a toned physique there's no skipping having a healthy liftestyle. 

My measurements before and after in centimers ( midsection area ).

Absolutely no photoshop and no filter.

The heat's setting for my midsection started at 50% and I worked my way up to 80% while I started with 50% heat for my face and was reduced to 45% after 5 minutes. 

I did not feel any discomfort or pain at all. I felt so relaxed and was so tempted to sleep but I was able to fight it off because I wanted to really observe how the treatment is being done.

After my RF treatment ate Alma, my therapist, gave me a lymphatic drainage massage for the face and midsection. The purpose of this is to reduce water retention in our body and ensure that you get rid of those stubborn fats. 

Php. 1,000 and Php. 1,500 price range for the RF treatment is definitely worth it as you've seen in the photos above, the results are immediate! 

You can have the treatment once to twice a week or once to twice a month if you're really in a tight schedule all the time. 

Will I go back for another RF treatment at Princess Hazel Salon and Spa? 


Check out their instgram @ilovehairph and Facebook page http://Facebook.com/princesshazeluy  

Thank you so much Ms. Hazel Uy for having me at your salon and spa! I had so much fun today! Special thanks to my RF therapist ate Alma for taking care of me today! :)

With the owner Ms. Hazel Uy

Saturday, May 10, 2014

#Fredified at Hairshaft Salon Podium

Turning 25 last May 1 didn't just mean I'm a year older but it also meant I needed some change. In my case, I needed a fresh start with my hair.

Yesterday, I had the priveledge of getting my hair done by hair master, Fred Penales who also owns Hairshaft Salon. He is a celebrity hair stylist and also is the genius behind Ellen Adarna's hair! 

If you're following my Instagram @iyaconsengco, you've pretty much seen that I've gone through the graduated balayage ombre. To make the term simple, it's their signature tone wherein you'll get the perfect ombre but it's designed in a way that will specifically go with the flow of your hair's texture and length. 

Since the length of my hair already was too long and it lacks the body it needs, Fred added layers while maintaining the length of my hair. Yes, he makes sure he listens to the client's requests.

Getting your hair styled and colored isn't just a walk in the park, sitting down for hours can strain your neck and back. Hairshaft Salon offers a complimentary head, neck and back massage as you wait for your hair to absorb the color. I can definitely see why Ellen Adarna loves this salon so much!

I definitely had the celebrity pampering at Hairshaft Salon! After all, it is a go to place for celebrities whenever they get their hair done.

Check out Hair Shaft Salon podium @hairshaftsalonpodium located at the 3rd floor, Podium Mall. Who knows you might just rub elbows with celebrities while getting your hair done!

Before getting #fredified 

Mr. Fred Penales working his magic on my hair

The team behind Ellen Adarna's hair. So happy to finally meet the team behind her gorgeous hair! 

Tada! I got the Miranda Kerr hair!! I have 3 colors in my hair. See how the colors blend so well together as it goes well with the haircut too! Fred customized my hairstyle and color according to my hair texture, skintone and lifestyle ( the easier to maintain, the better )

The hair master behind Ellen Adarna's hair ( and my hair too ), Owner of Hairshaft Salon Mr. Fred Penales. Follow him on Instagram and get #fredified @hairshaftfred

Get #miguelized and follow @hairshaftmiguel on Instagram

Get #carled and follow @hairshaftcarl on Instagram.

If you're still reading my blog, you're in luck as I have some haircare tips for you straight from team Hairshaft Salon.

1. It's ok to wash your hair everyday. Our country is pretty darn humid which makes our hair be more prone to dirt and sweat. You wouldn't wanna breakout as well caused by dirty hair right?

2. Never leave the house with damp hair. You can either blow dry your hair, air dry your hair with an electric fan. When dirt and dust mixes with moisture it's definitely a recipe for hair distaster. 

3. Oily hair is dry hair. Get the right haircare products for your hair's texture to hydrate and moisturize your hair.

4. Prolong your hair color by getting weekly hair treatments and by using heat protectant- You also need to protect your hair from the sun too!

5. Be gentle to hair. Treat it with TLC when washing and drying your hair. This will prevent your hair falling out and getting tangled.

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Thank you so much to Mr. Fred Penales and team Hairshaft Salon of taking care of my hair wonderfully! Can't wait to go back for my next hair adventure!