Saturday, April 5, 2014

FTX Project VS body Fitness Diary week 6

These are the following progress for this week:

1. My BMI increase while still having my body fat decrease

2. I tried out 2 new Cirqfit workouts called "Gladiator's Zone" it's a level up from the "Core Builder" and I got to try the "Buns and Glory" a.k.a. The butt and legs routine.

3. I've been taking my whey protein very breakfast with my cereals.

4. Still juicing once a week to keep me hyper and I'm taking 4green food supplement too from JC Premiere.

5. Still eating 6-8 meals a day of course that includes my fave questbars as snacks when I don't feel like eating fruits.

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FTX Project VS Body Fitness Diary Week 5

Finally, I'm able to recover fast from a flu thanks to the juices from @juicehut_manila and my meal plan from @akosidaveclark.

Coach Connie told me to just do 1 workout per session and limit my boxing to once a week but I can still to my Ciqtfit routine twice a week.

I noticed that by doing this, my muscles recovered faster than usual and that I actually feel stronger while having the workout be focused on targeted areas of my body.

Just incase you're wondering what the core builder consists of here's a glimpse of it:

And oh, I'm extremely happy that my BMI is already increasing while my body fat is still looking great. This BMI reading was taken last Tuesday March 25,2014.

Eating 6 small meals a day seems to be working really well for me! 

Chia Royale chia seeds from @22likesph also helped so much plus my juicing army from @juicehut_manila also ensures that I have sufficient energy and fit while I also reap the benefits of having great skin and hair.

That's it for this this week's FTX Project VS Body Fitness Diary.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day 1 Kodanda Archery Range Training

Ever since I saw blade trinity with Jessica Biel as Abigail Whistler, I knew right away that I wanted to take up archery.

Fast forward to several years after see ig the movie it finally happened! I got the priveledge to learn archery at Kodanda Archery Range.

Think archery is easy? Think again, it's sport that develops your skill in balance, precision, arm flexibility and arm muscle control too.

After an hour of archery training, I knew right away that this is a sport that I'll be passionate about as well. 

Trust me, with just minutes in your training you'll be able to learn how to work with your bow and arrow.

Want to know more about Kondanda Archery Range? Check out:

Friday, March 14, 2014

FTX Project VS Body Fitness Diary week 4

For this week, I finally got my meal plan from licensed nutritionist/dietitian Dave Sison @akosidaveclark.

The meal plan made for me is tailored to my height,weight, BMI, lifestyle and workout routine so just note that you don't have to follow everything here.

In a nutshell, the goal of my meal plan is to get increase my BMI to at least 18.5 while still decreasing my body fat percentage.

What do I have to do? Eat 6 healthy meals a day. That includes AM,PM and before bedtime snacks. Why 6 meals? It's going to fuel me with the nutrients I need while making sure that my metabolism doesn't slow down.

I noticed I'm not bloated when I do this method. 

Just be sure your snacks are healthy.

It's not all about diet of course, I'm still working out as well at FTX (

Usually do Cirqfit and Boxing. Both are high intensity workouts. 

Tip: Chia seeds helps burn fat and when combined with juicing it's a sure way for you to get the body that you want.

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Learn from the best fitness coaches at FTX @gymftx: Coach Connie @fitnesscinnie Coach Reijo @reijodelprado Coach Quilber @rebliuqcailing

Special thanks to:
@juicehut_manila  @questbarph @shyshopii and @22likesph

Saturday, March 8, 2014

FTX Project VS Body Fitness Diary : Week 3

So for this week I'm seeing results already with my workouts at FTX ( I've been working out 4 times a week and with a high protein diet ( which also includes whey protein from GNC Philippines and Questbar protein bars from @questbarph ) also, I also noticed that drinking juice before working out increases your energy so you last longer as well with workouts while detoxifying your system. Bonus: healthy skin and hair! I rely on @juicehut_manila for that. 

Also notice in the photo below, you'll see that my fat percentage decreased as well! But my BMI also decreased so I have to make sure I reach at least 18.5 BMI with a body fat percentage of 15%

I'm so happy to actually see some baby abs forming already within 3 weeks! This really does motivate me to do challenge myself more! 

This just goes to show how effective FTX is in not just training their clients but they also motivate and challenge their clients. Each session I tend to discover something new about myself specially on what my mind and body is capable of reaching. Yes, I do have some weak points such as running and balance but I am working on it. 

And oh, I'm already surpassing 3 minutes in mitts training! ( boxing ) thanks to coach Quil!

With Mia the woman behind @juicehut_manila and our Cirqfit/Rip60 trainer Connie @fitconnie at @gymftx

You can have your @juicehut_manila juices be picked up at FTX ( )

I have a good news too for juicers! You may have your Chia Royale Chia Seeds add on for Php30 a sachet ( good for two bottles ) to your @juicehut_manila juices!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!

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Monday, March 3, 2014

FTX Fitness Diary: Project VS Body Week 2

Week 2 of me working out at FTX Gym ( ) is so much fun! It's been boxing and zumba week for me. 

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Boxing really challenges your will power and each session the warm up becomes more challenging and mitts sessions also builds up your endurance.

With Zumba it's a test of your abilities I'm cardio and flexibility. The moves may look simple but it is actually high intensity.

With the food I don't deprive myself with what I want to eat it's just that I focus more of increasing my protein intake - the good kind ( example: hard boiled eggs ) 

And lately I've been loving questbar! It's a protein bar approved by my trainer Connie Fortich @fitconnie and Reijo Del Prado @reijodelprado this helps fuel my energy a lot and I don't get hungry even after an intense workout.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

FTX Project VS Body Fitness Diary: Week 1

Lately I've been really motivated to get fit and to achieve my dream body and that is Candice Swanepoel's physique. 

As you can see in the photo above I need a lot of work to do.

For me to be able to do that, I needed professional help since I am not an athlete nor a fitness buff. That's when FTX gym comes to the rescue. Yes, I am a happy client and I finally found a gym that motivates me so well and it also doesn't intimidate me. The trainers are so friendly and the interiors? It looks so hip and it's party inspired so you won't feel like working out - it's more like a fitness party Everytime you're there.