Monday, November 10, 2014

Christmas Gift Suggestion: Featuring Zen Zest Asia Fragrances

Shopping this Christmas can be tedious just thinking about what to give your loved ones and going from one shop to the other to buy your Christmas gifts. It is also inevitable to go on a Christmas gift buying rush especially when busy days work gets in the way of shopping. 

Zen Zest has fragrances not just for women but for kids as well! The great thing about it is you can get these at the  Zen Zest branch near your area. 

These Eau de Cologne set is perfect for the woman in your life. A set of assorted 80ml scents is priced at Php. 120.

Kids will love these sweet smelling scents! This 55ml body spray set is priced at Php.140! 

Other scents: honey dew, vanilla cream

Zen Zest also has scents for men too!! This 50ml bottle is priced at Php. 120

Other scents: rush and chill

Taking scents to the next level is this set of home fragrances. You can check them out at all Zen Zest branches. ( Choco Frapuccino is my all time favorite! ) 

For more info check out 

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

My new HG Cleanser: Burt's Bees Deep Cleansing Cream

Place Bought: Beauty Bar Rockwell Branch
Price: Php. 650 ( I bought this with my own money ) 

I have been struggling with hormonal breakouts for two weeks and I was looking for a cleanser that's 100% natural and I need something that will really help heal the zits fast without overdrying my skin. 

I found a perfect cleanser that did just that! 

Burt's Bees has been a culte favorite by beauty enthusiast and even celebrities. They make sure they use natural ingredients and that the company promotes sustainability not just with the ingredients they use but also through the packaging and how the company runs itself. ( check out the Burt's Bees CSR Videos ) 

Before purchasing this I made sure I do my research about the product and the brand itself. I wanted to patronize a company that resonates with me. I was so impressed by the company's core value which is promoting the Greater Good through sustainability. 

I want to make sure that the things I put on my skin is something that will make it healthy through natural ingredients. I have dry and sensitive skin that can be prone to hormonal breakouts. 

Burt's Bees Deep Cleansing Cream really helped my skin recover from the hormonal breakout. Ingredients such has Soap Bark helped cleanse my skin really well without stripping it of it's natural oils, it has a hint of Menthol which made cleansing so much fun! I felt the tingling sensation which makes me relaxed at the same time especially at night. 

As you can see the zits are already healed and that's just after TWO DAYS of using the Burt's Bees Deep Cleansing Cream! 

I also noticed that my skin looks brighter! This product doesn't lather but it does it's job so well. 

You're also assured that it's 100% natural plus it does not contain Parabens,Petrochemicals and Phtalates the mere fact that it doesn't lather. 

To ensure that the ingredients are truly natural Burt's Bees created an organization together with their competitors to make sure that the ingredients are true to what the company's claim. Thus, creating this seal that will ensure consumers that the ingredients are indeed natural and sustainable. 

Burt's Bees believs that consumers have the right to know exactly what goes into their skin with the complete list of ingredients. 

I can't wait to try more Burt's Bees products! And oh, incase you might think that this a Php. 650 cleanser is too expensive, well this product will last you a long time because a little goes a long way! 

Want to know more about Burt's Bees? Visit

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

First Impressions: Avalon Organics Luminosity Range

Skin type:
Dry and sensitive skin 

Having dry and sensitive skin means I cannot use anything with parabens in it. I found the brand called Avalon Organics and I've recently tried out their Luminosity range. This one is for those who suffers from dry and sensitive skin like me.



It foams up - makes me feel like I am cleansing my skin thoroughly 

It doesn't sting and dry out my skin

It has a calming lavander scent to it





It doesn't sting my skin - it's mild! 

Has a calming lavander scent

Removed excess dirt

Doesn't dry out my skin 



Day cream

It moisturizes my skin so well
It doesn't feel heavy on my skin
A little goes a long way! - this will last me for months! 
Has a calming lavander scent
Suitable for day time use


None. This moisturizer doesn't have any SPF in it but I prefer using a separate sunscreen to ensure that I am getting the most out of my sunscreen 

Night cream 


Feels heavier than the day cream - which is good as our skin regenerates at night and needs all the hydration and moisture.

Has a calming lavander scent - this helps me sleep well at night 

Tada! Love the brightening effects of Avalon Organics Luminosity Skincare! 

I actually called up Healthy Options and Inquired about the availability of the products and it's been selling like pancakes! So if you ever get the chance to see this range! Hoard! But leave some for me too. *wink* 

Where to buy:
Healthy Options

Monday, July 28, 2014

Organic Vanilla Based Products from A Vanilla Story

Did you know that vanilla has a lot of health and beauty benefits? Vanilla is known to be a natural insect repellant, it helps suppress appetite with it's scent, when used for the skin it has anti inflammatory properties to help reduce redness and skin irritation, when used for the hair it helps make hair soft and smooth. 

Looking for organic vanilla based beauty products can be hard to find as most of the things you'll find in the market are already chemically infused with irritants. 

I'm glad I found a brand that offers organic vanilla based products.

A Vanilla Story ( carries a range of organic vanilla based products from body lotion, hand sanitizer, mosquito repellant and cologne. 

I've been using A Vanilla Story products for 6 months and it took me that long to really road test the products well. 

Aside from the fact the vanilla is a scent from A Vanilla Story that I'm obsessed with, I can attest that it is a scent to help suppress appetite. 

As a mosquito repellant it is indeed safe to use even for kids! 

Since even the mosquito repellant is safe for kids to use their body lotion, hand sanitizer and cologne did not irritate my skin at all.

Having a maximum of 3 ingredients proves that A Vanilla Story is definitely an organic vanilla based products. 

The packaging is sleek and you can carry it around with you in your purse together with the pouch that comes along with it.

I also highly appreciate that A Vanilla Story promotes saving the earth with their Eco Bag! ( love how it comes in my fave color, PINK! )

if you're looking for a great giveaway items for your guest for events, A Vanilla Story products are great both for men,women and kids! 

Thank you to Ms. Andrea for creating and for sharing your wonderful products with me! 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

#Fredified at Hairshaft Salon Podium

Turning 25 last May 1 didn't just mean I'm a year older but it also meant I needed some change. In my case, I needed a fresh start with my hair.

Yesterday, I had the priveledge of getting my hair done by hair master, Fred Penales who also owns Hairshaft Salon. He is a celebrity hair stylist and also is the genius behind Ellen Adarna's hair! 

If you're following my Instagram @iyaconsengco, you've pretty much seen that I've gone through the graduated balayage ombre. To make the term simple, it's their signature tone wherein you'll get the perfect ombre but it's designed in a way that will specifically go with the flow of your hair's texture and length. 

Since the length of my hair already was too long and it lacks the body it needs, Fred added layers while maintaining the length of my hair. Yes, he makes sure he listens to the client's requests.

Getting your hair styled and colored isn't just a walk in the park, sitting down for hours can strain your neck and back. Hairshaft Salon offers a complimentary head, neck and back massage as you wait for your hair to absorb the color. I can definitely see why Ellen Adarna loves this salon so much!

I definitely had the celebrity pampering at Hairshaft Salon! After all, it is a go to place for celebrities whenever they get their hair done.

Check out Hair Shaft Salon podium @hairshaftsalonpodium located at the 3rd floor, Podium Mall. Who knows you might just rub elbows with celebrities while getting your hair done!

Before getting #fredified 

Mr. Fred Penales working his magic on my hair

The team behind Ellen Adarna's hair. So happy to finally meet the team behind her gorgeous hair! 

Tada! I got the Miranda Kerr hair!! I have 3 colors in my hair. See how the colors blend so well together as it goes well with the haircut too! Fred customized my hairstyle and color according to my hair texture, skintone and lifestyle ( the easier to maintain, the better )

The hair master behind Ellen Adarna's hair ( and my hair too ), Owner of Hairshaft Salon Mr. Fred Penales. Follow him on Instagram and get #fredified @hairshaftfred

Get #miguelized and follow @hairshaftmiguel on Instagram

Get #carled and follow @hairshaftcarl on Instagram.

If you're still reading my blog, you're in luck as I have some haircare tips for you straight from team Hairshaft Salon.

1. It's ok to wash your hair everyday. Our country is pretty darn humid which makes our hair be more prone to dirt and sweat. You wouldn't wanna breakout as well caused by dirty hair right?

2. Never leave the house with damp hair. You can either blow dry your hair, air dry your hair with an electric fan. When dirt and dust mixes with moisture it's definitely a recipe for hair distaster. 

3. Oily hair is dry hair. Get the right haircare products for your hair's texture to hydrate and moisturize your hair.

4. Prolong your hair color by getting weekly hair treatments and by using heat protectant- You also need to protect your hair from the sun too!

5. Be gentle to hair. Treat it with TLC when washing and drying your hair. This will prevent your hair falling out and getting tangled.

Follow Hairshaft Salon on Facebook

Thank you so much to Mr. Fred Penales and team Hairshaft Salon of taking care of my hair wonderfully! Can't wait to go back for my next hair adventure! 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Family Favorites Bakery

A lot of you know that I love anything that smells like desserts simply because I am a a huge dessert lover and specifically cupcakes!! First because it's easy to eat and it saves me the hassle of slicing a huge cake.

I've tried a lot of cupcakes and to me Family Favorites Bakery is my current addiction! They have a wide range of flavors and each has a common denominator which is all of them are moist and even if I store them in the ref it's still moist and it doesn't crumble! 

Wondering what flavors they have?

1. Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. - this has the best cream cheese frosting I've ever tasted! The color of the cupcake is so beautiful too!!
2. Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate & Nutella frosting. - the chocolate cupcake didn't over power the Nutella frosting it's a perfect balance of flavors!
3. Banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting - this is perfect for those who are working out! You get the energy plus the gratification of eating something sweet minus the guilt!
4. Carrot cupcakes with raisins & walnuts with cream cheese frosting. - the raisins gave this one a sweeter taste and the walnuts added some texture as well, again this is perfect for those who are working out and tired of eating protein bars.
5. Lemon cupcakes with lemon buttercream frosting. - the cupcake has a light lemon taste but when you get to the frosting it's sweet lemon goodness! 
6. Chocolate orange cupcakes with chocolate ganache topped with orange zest. - this one has a subtle orange flavor perfect for those who aren't much of a chocolate fan or just want a new twist to their chocolate cupcakes.
7. Salted caramel cupcakes topped with salted caramel frosting and caramel sauce. - this one is my favorite!! It's not too sweet nor too salty. I'd eat this everyday if I could!! 

They also sell really moist chocolate brownies and I tell you they're pretty big. When you store them inside the ref it gives a crunchy toping but still retaining the moisture of the brownies. 

Here are some info from Family Favorites regarding ordering:

1. Orders should be made at 2 days in advance for the rose cake and a day ahead for most of the orders, also depending on the amount of orders we have :) this November 
2. We can deliver to Ortigas, mandaluyong, Greenhills and makati for a fee of 50 pesos and a minimum of 800. 
3. We can meet-up with clients also for a minimum of at least 600 at malls that are connected to MRT 

If you want to find out more about Family Favorites Bakery check their Instagram for photos @familyfavoritesbakery

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Featured Shop: Belle Decouverte

Discover something beautiful today!  Belle Decouverte is a French word meaning "Beautiful Discovery". An online shop that lets you discover the world of fashion. We give you the latest fashion statements at affordable prices! "

I love discovering online shops simply because I am pretty much hooked on instagram and I've been lazy to hit the mall and browse in every shop. I've discovered Belle Decouverte on instagram and what made their online shop so interesting in their keen eye for aesthetics. 

Notice how the background isn't just the typical white and how it gave life to the garments just by making the it so appealing with the use of the right color combination. Their image as a brand exude a youthful and fun vibe. Girly, with a bit of edge. 

Not only do they have tops and dresses, they also have shoes and accessories as well. What's awesome about it is the price ranges too, its definitely budget friendly! ( especially for those of you who are already starting on their Christmas shopping )

and by the way, Belle Decouverte also has ongoing promos! Better check it out!

Visit them at:

Instagram: @belledecouverte